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Does an earthquake affect your plumbing system?


Living in an area where you frequently face earthquakes is not that much easy. In such circumstances, it has also been seen that earthquakes can also damage the plumbing system. So, what you can do to protect this. 

Effects of earthquake on plumbing

The earthquake has the power to move the Earth and shake up all the things resulting in loss of life and homes. Moreover, it can also damage the underground pipes. At the time ground shifts, there is a crack or even break in the pipes causing high damage to the main sewer line, home plumbing system, and electrical appliances. People living in this area can face the danger of fire, damage, and gas leaks. Hence, you should always be ready for such a disaster and prevent any kind of serious disaster. 

Checking for the water leaks – Before the earthquake

The foremost thing to do is turning off the main water supply on getting the first sign of an earthquake. This simple action is the first step in a way to save time, effort, and money. But, first look for some of the essential things – 

  • Identify the wet spots on the walls or the floor. 
  • Don’t ignore the sound of running or dripping water. 
  • A change in the water pressure signifies a broken pipe and water leak. 

Check the sewer line for damage – After the earthquake

A sewer line is an essential part of any home because it takes out all the waste from your home. if there is a break in the sewer line can be dangerous. And, note that this can also cause major health problems like bacterial infections. The gas coming out from it is also very toxic. 

Hence, it becomes very important that one must check the sewer line damage after the episode of an earthquake. On finding the obnoxious odor of waste, do lookout for a leak or breakage in the pipe. 

The conclusion

It is very clear that an earthquake does affect the plumbing system of your home. Visit https://www.wolfersheating.com/plumbing/ where the experts of help Wolfers Plumbing how to find the best plumber. We are always ready to give our help to the people who are experiencing plumbing problems after an earthquake. 



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