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How to Clean Silk Rugs


Rugs are found mostly in every home and the most important thing is the maintenance of these rugs. Before you go, should notice these things you need to have before you clean you silk rugs:

  • Vinegar
  • Club Soda
  • Baking Soda
  • Cloth

Things to Avoid:

When you’re cleaning your silk rug, it’s important to maintain a strategic distance from two things: heat and excessive dampness. These things would all be able to be too cruel on silk and ruin your rug.


We know silk is a fiber, silk has the ability to get dull when it’s presented to warm. Continuously air dry your silk rug.


Avoid cleaning your silk rug from purifying agents. This is because it can damage your rug. Warmth and dampness can both harm a silk rug’s fine filaments, keeping away from steam cleaning too.

Chemical Cleaning:

Traditional rug cleaning methods can take the shine from your rug, so stick to the things mentioned above. Proficient cleaners will have delicate cleansers that are made to clean silk rugs in the event that you select to go to that course.

Remove Stains from a Silk Rug

Act quickly so the recolors do not stick to the strands. On the off chance that it’s a strong stain, utilize a spoon to delicately gather any strong substances from the rug before you attempt to expel the more profound stain. Any chipping could make the rug tear, so attempt to scoop rather than scratch.

Absorb fluid stains by touching them with a delicate fabric, be that as it may, abstain from scouring as it can inadvertently clean away strands. You can absorb the material with an equal blend of room temperature water and vinegar to lift increasingly obstinate stains. Apply the blend utilizing a shower container to equally convey the chemical and help shield your rug from over the top dampness.

Using the vinegar water arrangement, the acidity should have now worked to evacuate any smell brought about by the stain. But if it still smells, spread baking soda over the affected region after the underlying stain evacuation process and wait for an hour to assimilate the spill.

Add club soda to your washed fabric if the stain deserts any shading. The light sharpness of the club soda can assist with taking that shading out. Next, utilize a different evaporate material to delicately blotch any extra dampness.

Maintain a Silk Rug

Vacuum Twice every Month. Your rug will stay good with good maintenance. Make a point to back off of the silk material by picking a delicate setting. For example, you may raise the mixer or change to an alternate connection.

Going side to side as opposed to vacuuming toward the rug’s weave will assist with forestalling, catching and pulling up any smooth filaments. In the event that you need your rug to keep going quite a while, try to vacuum the back in any event once per year. This shields earth from destroying the rug through scraped spots underneath.

Once more, abstain from using your vacuum’s blender or roller brushes when clearing your rug that way, you’re less inclined to pull out the rug’s strands. Gently out your rug to get rid of dirt and earth develop and expand the time between vacuuming.

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