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What are the New Ways to Decorate the Above Space of your Kitchen Cabinets?


As you look around your kitchen, you may notice that some of you have seized concepts in the past that you are now using for a fully functional kitchen space. And one of those areas may be the upper space of your kitchen cupboards. You can give it a purpose aside from simply collecting dust and clutter throughout the years.

Merge your ideas in designing your planned cabinet refacing in Fullerton, and use that extra top space with these tips to add beauty to your kitchen.

Hang those Vintage Finds that You’ve Got

The space above your cubbies can be an excellent spot to show off your vintage collection. Be it a mirror, clocks, framed photographs, or aesthetic cooking tools. This will surely complement kitchens with farmhouse, barn-type, or Victorian style.

A Spot for Some Practical Items

Sometimes, because of our increasing need to have several kitchen items, the space we have in the kitchen may never be enough. For this reason, we opt to ask for kitchen cabinet refacing in Anaheim. Despite decluttering to make space for new items in our countertop and cabinets, you still lack the storage you need for everyday items. This is the part when we see the opportunity to use the top shelf produced by your wall-mounted kitchen cabinets.

Stylishly display them for better visual impact.

Make an Indoor Garden

A little adventure in the kitchen will be an excellent pause for you and the people you let in the area. Consider putting potted plants above your kitchen cabinets. However, the challenge on your part will be taking care of it. Water it regularly, bring it out for some sunshine, and then put it back. As a suggestion, choose low-light plants because they won’t need too much sunlight. When you have a well-lit kitchen with big windows, that is already enough to let some sunshine reflect in the room.

Your kitchen cubbies and kitchen space need not be a bore. Try these suggestions now and see for yourself. Check out this blog by Kitchen Cabinet Refacing to learn more.



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