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How Homeowners Can Spot Rooftop Damage


Homeowners should first inspect their roofs for signs of damage or deterioration. And that’s not always easy. When was the last time you looked at your roof in-depth or watched for things like missing shingles and damaged tiles?

Homeowners can be duped into paying for unnecessary roof repairs after a storm by con artists who falsely claim that the roof was damaged in the storm. A homeowner who is aware of the signs of roof deterioration is the best defense against these issues.  Let’s talk about some of the key indicators to look for in such a situation and how roof repair in Lafayette, IN, can help.

Loose Shingles

After years of use, shingles start to lose their protective granules and eventually need to be replaced. These grains are notorious for disappearing down drains and gutters. Alert homeowners may notice granules amassing in their gutters, drainage systems, and around their homes’ foundations. A roofer should be consulted before leaks develop at that point.

Hail Damage

Damaged shingles remain in place after a severe hailstorm, but water can easily enter through the gaps. Ideally, this sort of damage would be confined to just one side of the property. Hail damage might sneak up on you because it isn’t always obvious from a distance.

Hailstones began to puncture through shingles, as shown by pockmarks and minor cracks when viewed up close. Indicating the need for new shingles, but you should check for yourself to be sure. Don’t believe the lies that certain roofers may tell you regarding your roof after a storm.

Shedding Roofing

Extreme weather can cause shingles to curl at the edges and begin to peel. At first glance, this may not be obvious, but astute homeowners will quickly see the change. When the edges of your shingles peel, water can get under your shingles and cause a snowball effect of problems.

Strange Black Lines

After a downpour, it’s not uncommon to see dark streaks on the roof, but they usually dry off fast once the sun comes out. Homeowners should take a second look if there are still dark areas. Sometimes the stains are the result of water that has penetrated into the roof in an unintended place. That’s a significant warning sign that needs a roofer to come inspect it ASAP. There’s a chance that moisture is seeping into the framing, insulation, and walls below, where it can inflict much more damage.

Algae and moss growth can also cause discoloration. This growth can cause damage to rooftops and should be stopped if at all feasible, albeit it is not as harmful. If you’re looking for a long-term solution, you might inquire with a roofer about sprays or copper stripping.

Closing Remarks

Keep an eye on your roof for signs of damage after a severe storm. The first step is a stroll around the yard. If you are unsure, a quick ascent up the ladder should reveal the answer. If you are concerned about the condition of your roof, contact us for a second opinion.

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