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Most authentic air conditioning and installation in Melbourne


As a result of global warming and the consequent climatic changes, most Australians are experiencing more extreme temperatures than usual. The uptrend in the extreme temperatures has not only resulted in rising sea levels, droughts, and floods as well as intensified heatwaves and bushfires across Australia.

Especially during summers, as the mercury rises, homes become unbearably hot and even opening doors and windows may not be enough to provide you respite from the heat. In such conditions, having an effective air conditioning system can help bring down the temperature in the homes by removing the heat and moisture from the space.

Air conditioning systems suck in the warm air into a system, cool it down with the help of the refrigerant, and blow out cold air for you. It is therefore important to hire the best and most experienced company like BlitzAir for efficient air conditioning and installation services in Melbourne.

Purpose of Air conditioning

The prime purpose of air conditioning is to create a room climate with the appropriate indoor temperature that is comfortable for humans by removing the warm or cool air from the room as per the weather conditions.

However, Air conditioning systems can be employed for heating, dehumidifying, cooling as well as humidifying.

Types of the air conditioning system

The common air conditioning systems that are installed are:

  • Window Air Conditioner – also known as “Unitary unit”, is most suitable for a room and is installed in a window. it works by throwing out warm air through the back side of the unit and blowing cool air through its front portion.
  • Portable Air Conditioner – this versatile aircon system is one step ahead i.e. next generation window air conditioning system. it sucks in room air, cools it down, and sends cold air back into the room. For the removal of warm air, an exhausted hose is installed in the window.
  • Ductless Split and Nini Split Air Conditioners- this air-conditioning system is divided into two packages or terminal units. One unit is mounted on the wall inside the home and the other one is fixed outside. The inner unit has air filters, fan, and evaporator coils and the outdoor unit has the compressor and condenser coil.

Both, inner and outer units are connected with a refrigerant pipe containing refrigerated gas.

The outdoor unit pumps the outside air to the refrigerant piping to cool it down and the indoor unit blows the cooled air inside your home.

  • Central Air Conditioning systems – are commonly installed to cool large homes or commercial buildings such as cinema halls, auditoriums, gyms, or offices. This system has a cooling compressor installed outside, a coil filled with refrigerant to cool the air which is then blown out by a fan and circulated in the entire building using supply and return ducts located on the walls, ceilings, or floors.

In addition, you can also avail most efficient air conditioning and installation services for installing sustainable and energy-efficient Geothermal Heating and Cooling systems as well as Hybrid air conditioners with a heat pump system that are powered either by electricity or burning fossil fuels.

Should you need to buy air conditioning systems of the highest quality of renowned brands; contact BlitzAir to avail of impeccable air conditioning and installation services.

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