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Spotted Lizards in Your House? Wave Goodbye to Them With These Tips!


An unexpected presence can cause disquiet and discomfort in the private spaces of our homes. We commonly find lizards in our living areas due to their scaly bodies and swift movements, which makes us long for a lizard-free setting. 

It is vital to remember that lizards are harmless animals who perform a crucial role in the ecosystem as natural pest controllers, even though their sudden appearances on walls and ceilings sometimes shock us. As mentioned on this website, there are natural ways to encourage their departure if their presence becomes oppressive or unsettling.

  • Look out for their presence.

As they scurry across walls and ceilings, lizards captivate our attention with their unique patterns and elegant motions. They come out of hiding when the sun sets, and the shadows grow longer, enticed by the lulling glow of artificial lighting. They can fit through even the slightest cracks thanks to their tiny bodies, which gives the impression that they are always present in our homes.

  • Know the root cause of the lizard in your house. 

It is necessary to recognize the significant function that lizards perform in the environment before launching a campaign to eradicate them. Lizards are effective natural pest control because they eat insects like cockroaches, flies, and mosquitoes. They assist nature in preserving the delicate balance that exists in our surroundings. However, a natural strategy can be used to gently remove them if their presence becomes too much or bothersome.

  • Maintain a clean and clutter-free house.

Lizards, like all other creatures, look for shelter and food. We might gently urge them to seek sanctuary somewhere else by removing their ideal conditions. Insects, a lizard’s main food source, should be eliminated first. Maintain a spotless, food-crumb-free house and frequently dispose of trash. Fix any leaks or sources of standing water since these can draw insects and foster a lizard-friendly environment.

  • Try out natural repellents.

Because lizards have a good sense of smell, some aromas can be used to keep them out of our homes. You can use a variety of organic deterrents to create an unwelcoming environment. Lemons and oranges, for example, can be strategically placed close to windows, doorways, or other spots. The strong citrus scent acts as a deterrent, discouraging their entry. 

  • Look our for physical barriers.

Lizards are agile climbers, able to scale walls and surfaces easily. Consider placing fine-mesh screens on windows and vents to construct physical barriers restricting their movement. This keeps lizards out while maintaining adequate airflow. To reduce access points, fill in any gaps or cracks in the walls, flooring, or ceilings. By making it difficult for them to enter, we gently encourage them to look for safety in their natural environments.

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