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Why it is not suggested to pour grease in the drain?


Don’t do this! Never think about putting grease in the drain because you will have to deal with a hot and oily mess. Apart from this, it will also cause serious issues as well. So, what you suppose to do with the clogged drains. 

Grease is really bad for your drains

Generally, the grease get solidifies after cooling in the pipes and stuck the debris as well with it. With time, this can result in clogging of pipes or slowing of a drain. Moreover, the grease also affects the local sewer systems. 

What you can do with the cooking grease?

Grease comes in various forms like bacon grease, lard, duck fat, and others that get solidified at room temperature. Cooking oils that remain liquefied at room temperatures like vegetable oil, canola oil, or olive oil never be poured inside the drain. 

Coming to the grease first! In case the grease is still hot then you can empty it in a jar like a Mason jar. Or else, you can also create a disposable grease can by removing the lid of a soda can. Switching to the cooking oils, you must cool it off before doing anything with it. Dispose of the oil in a trash can if it is less than a cup. And, if it is more, put it in a container so that you can reuse it. 

What you can do when grease is already poured into the drain?

Don’t worry even if you have poured the grease into the drain already. There are certain preventative actions that can easily minimize the damage. You can pour a gallon of boiling water slowly while running the faucet. Pour the dish soap simultaneously down the drain. 

Experts are just a call away

When you are pouring the grease into the drain, you definitely need the help of professionals. South West Plumbing has great plumbers who help you in dealing with such problems. In the website link https://www.southwestplumbing.biz/plumbing/ you can get through the plumbing services depending on your situation. The team will completely understand the issue and then offer expert solutions. 



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