What are the plumbing requirements for an outdoor shower?


An outdoor shower is a great choice if you love jumping in the pool and want to clean yourself quickly. However, it is also a great choice to rinse out the mud from the kids after they enjoy the outdoor activities. Apart from this, there are many other advantages of installing the shower on your outdoor premises. It is also useful in increasing the value of your property. 

Plumbing an outdoor shower

The installation can be challenging or simple based on the location and whether the fixture is permanent or portable. The simplest design can easily be hooked up to the garden hose. Attach it to the tubing and stainless steel or brass showerhead while suspending at the right height. 

Now coming to the pedestal or tower showers, which can hook up to an outdoor plumbing line and can be installed anywhere in the yard. In case, your setup has mixed or single temperature control, safety codes; then the model must be installed with an anti-skid valve. 

Most people like to have permanent wall-mounted outdoor showers. These are located on a wall having both hot and cold water pipes. 

Consider the drainage systems

It is very essential that the outdoor shower must have a proper drainage system. According to the municipalities’ requirements, the outdoor showers have to follow building codes. This means one has to install drain pipes for taking the wastewater out from home. Hence, it is useful in maintaining the quality of groundwater and drinking water supply. 

Preparing the outdoor shower for winters

Likewise in summer, in winter also it is also important to prepare your plumbing system. If you have a permanent shower installed, hence it becomes very important for it to have rust and frost-proof -fixtures. Don’t forget to install shut-off valves in the climate-controlled area so that it is easy to prevent the shower from freezing and bursting. 

Contact Baker Brothers Plumbing for finding the plumbing solution

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